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From vine to wine

Grape Varieties

Vieille vigne de Grenache à Saint Genies de Comolas

The type of vines depends mainly on the soil-type, suitable for one or several varieties, but also on the character that’s wanted for the wine. 


Each Domaine plot has thus been carefully analyzed to determine its individual specificities (type of various geological layers, draining capacity, sun exposure,…) and therefore to chose the most appropriate grape variety.
For Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the grape variety planted has one objective: produce a powerful but elegant wine which keeps well but can also be enjoyed when young.


This led to the strategic planting definition below:

  • 70% of Grenaches harvested when very ripe, giving wines full of generosity, roundness and aromas of crushed red fruits,
  • 17% of Mourvèdres which, planted in suitable soil (clayey-sandy) and harvested late, bring structure and firm tannins, reinforcing, but not impairing the Grenache qualities,
  • 10% of Syrah, giving aromas of fresh black fruits and accentuated colour, 
  • 3% of Cinsaults makes gives the whole a bit more light.